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Educator . Builder . Innovator . Adventurer

I've always been adventurous--climbing trees and cliffs, hiking, biking, and jumping, exploring the world around me as best as I could. I've always been inquisitive--learning from others and my own trials, preferring nonfiction books and documentaries and asking questions all along the way. 


This combination of adventurer and inquirer led me to become a science teacher with a passion for educating young people, encouraging them to explore and to inquire more daily. I work hard to engage students in the sciences.

Now, I'm pursuing a new adventure in construction. It's nothing new--I've always been involved in projects. I started framing houses when I was 16-years-old and have worked as an electrician, a plumber, and a carpenter over the many years since. I have experience as a job site superintendent and a project manager for commercial builds. The "new" for me in this adventure is simply maximizing my energy in this field. I've started a company with the best craftsmen in the business ( and will be building unique pools and creative outdoor


Of all my adventures, my greatest accomplishment is by far my family. I am the proud husband of one amazing wife, and I am the father of 4 incredible children. 

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